silly husband.

27 Jul

today we were at blockbuster and we were deciding on what movie to rent.

jason: “do you want to watch repo men?  it has jude law.” (he knows me so well!) “or clash of the titans?” (sam worthington, swoon!)

me: “clash of the titans!”

jason: “hrm, i wonder where that movie is.”

me: “in the front over there.”

jason: “how do you know that?”

me: “um, because it starts with ‘c’.” (imagine jason looking at me with the anime confusion, giant question mark over his head.) “… you do know that blockbuster is organized alphabetically, right?”

no, apparently he did not know that and never even noticed how things were organized there.  no wonder it always takes him forever to find movies at blockbuster!  silly husband.

also today he said frigs, instead of sprigs.  🙂


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