Clash of the Titans

29 Jul

This is Jason posting.

Today we watched Clash of the Titans from the dvd we rented from blockbuster.  It certain had better graphics compared to the original version.  It was a very action packed movie to watch.  They changed the story so it wasn’t exactly like the original movie.  In the new version they really focused on how Perseus chose to be a man instead of a god.  They didn’t have the cool invisibility helm or the mirror shield.  But they did have a cool scorpion shield that apparently has a glossy inside.  I like how the special blade only appears and works when Perseus holds it.  It had neat graphics.  I think the only weird graphic moment was when they showed the gorgon’s human face.  It just wasn’t very smooth to me.  The movie lacked great dialogue.  The lines weren’t great.  But it was a neat way to show off greek mythology.  It’s a nice summer action flick to watch.  The new kraken definitely beats out the old one!


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