soap pump!

30 Jul

i’m obsessed with washing my hands.  fortunately, i’m not ocd about it, but i DO wash my hands a lot.  which is a good thing, because it keeps my hands clean and myself germ-free…  so i get sick less often!

naturally, i also love looking at soaps and soap pumps.  a few weeks ago jason and i bought this beautiful glass soap pump that i’ve just been lusting after for months.  i would look at it every time we went to target (at every target) and stalk it online.  it was $13, which is not expensive at all but i was hoping it would go on sale so i could buy it without feeling guilty.  it just wouldn’t and as the weeks dragged on i just got more and more sad whenever i looked at the soap pump that i had convinced myself i couldn’t have!!  finally, i think jason got tired of me pining after a soap pump (of all things) and said that we should just get it.  yay!

we also bought some mrs meyer’s liquid hand soap refill in basil (which smells SOOOO good btw and feels super nice on the skin) and i’m a happy clean hand washer. 🙂

yes, i’m highly aware that i’m pretty ridiculous.


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