31 Jul

This is Jason posting.

Today we have a chance to hit up Ramenya as we picked up Jessica.  We went to eat there afterwards.  The four of us sat down and ordered!  The girls both had the ajo ramen.  Philip had the chasu ramen while I ordered the wakame ramen.  I was in the mood for some seaweed since Jessica advised that they gave a lot of seaweed.  The ramen arrived shortly after we ordered.  They were pretty big bowls!  My wakame ramen was filled with seaweed, two types of mushroom, carrot slices, bamboo slices, baby corn and water chestnuts.  It was surprisingly really flavorful and delicious!  My tongue was filled with all the flavors of the ingredients of the ramen.  It was really good.  The noodles were great.  It was cooked just right for me.  It had a nice chew.  The only thing that kept me from slurping it all down was how hot the ramen was.  Hm, delicious!  Philip graciously shared some of his chasu.  The pork was very, very tender.  It was cut thickly yet still melted in my mouth.  It wasn’t dry and it was flavorful.  This was also a lean cut of pork as I did not see any of the fat that is usually part of the chasu cut.  Healthier I suppose?  The ajo ramen smelled nice and garlicky.  The broth was nice and the garlic did not overpower the flavors captured in the broth.  For me this was a solid ramen place that I’d love to come back to.  Too bad it is so far away from San Diego and Torrance!  Oh well!  At least I was able to try it out!  Yum!


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