Choice Meat

2 Aug

This is Jason posting.

So everyone knows there are grades to the meat we buy at the supermarket right?  I’m just going to talk about beef here.  People know there’s the usual normal beef.  It’s the everyday beef; some cuts are cheap and some cuts are expensive.  Then people know about prime beef.  That’s the super yummy beef one usually gets from steak houses or expensive restaurants.  They taste delicious, beefy and melt in your mouth.  Prime beef is more expensive than the normal beef across all types of cuts.  I’m pretty sure most people know about the third grade of beef: choice.  Ever hear of it?  It’s better than the normal or select beef but not as good as prime beef.  There’s a bunch of government regulations on the grades that I’m not going to get into but I’ll just explain what I’ve observed.  Choice beef is a bit more expensive than select beef across all cuts.  Choice beef taste more beefy and is more tender compared to similar cuts of normal beef.  Choice doesn’t taste better compared to prime but it is more affordable.  Choice is also easier to buy.  Most super markets carry choice.  At Vons the choice beef is under the rancher’s reserve brand.  Albertsons brand their choice beef under Stockman & Dakota Angus.  Ralphs… is just choice.  You have to read the label.  I think. =D  Henry’s and Sprouts have grass-fed beef which is similar in taste and tenderness to good choice meat.  So ever since we made our own ribeye roast, we’ve bought rib-eye roasts from several different places.  Costco has choice rib-eye roast at $7.99/lb.  I usually go there if I know they have bone-in rib-eye roast.  We’ve gotten some from Vons and Albertsons.  Haven’t tried Ralphs.  We think the Albertsons choice beef taste the best out of all these stores.  Costco is sort of tied.  You really have to examine the marbling of the meat before you buy it to ensure you get quality choice meat.  Really, choice meat just has much better marbling compared to select cuts.  That’s the biggest difference to me.  Well,  the most important difference anyway.  So if you see Albertsons Stockman & Dakota beef go on sale, use it to make your beef dishes!  You won’t be sorry.  They’ll taste better than before.  Oh yes, I never mentioned where to get prime beef huh?  The most accessible place to get prime beef is Costco.  Yeah, it’ll cost you money.  It’ll be worth it since you won’t have to pay restaurant prices for the beef.  I don’t know since I’ve never bought prime rib-eye roast from Costco.  Once we perfect our rib-eye roast technique… prime rib-eye roast here we come!  YUM!

PS:  For quality au-jus I recommend to use Lawry’s Au-jus mix.  It’s super tasty.  Add in the pan dripping when you make it.  That’s the only au-jus we’ve used so far.  YUM!


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