New Skin Liquid Bandaid

3 Aug

This is Jason posting.

I cut my thumb today while dicing onions.  Man, those Shun knives that we have are sharp!  This marks the third cut I’ve had from our Shun knives.  I sliced into my left thumb a little bit.  Kinda hurt, bled quite a bit but at least it was a clean cut.  Yup, I definitely need to be more careful.  No more knife cuts in the kitchen!  Anyway, this gave me the opportunity to try out the liquid bandaid we got awhile back.  It would be a good use of it since the wound is in an awkward spot for a bandaid.  I took it out of the box for my wifey to apply on my thumb.  It was in a bottle and kind of looked similar to nail polish.  There is a brush applicator that is attached to the bottle cap.  It even smelled like nail polish.  The wifey dabbed it on the wound and I rolled my thumb around so the liquid would cover the cut.  There was some excess so I wiped it off with toilet paper.  The time for the liquid to dry takes about the same as nail polish.  It kind of smells weird after it dries.  It reminds me of anti-septic with highlighter fume?  The liquid bandaid drys clear.  The liquid bandaid moves with the skin.  It does what it says.  It looks like I just had nail polish or glue dried on my skin.  To remove it, the box said to put on some liquid bandaid then wipe.  Great logic.  Maybe I’ll try to peel it off or scrub with some soap.  The latter idea probably won’t work as they say the liquid bandaid is waterproof.  We shall see!


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