run run run

7 Aug

jason and i have been wanting to buy an elliptical for a long time now since we both prefer it to treadmills and we both seriously need to work out more.  i had already set aside the money for it a while ago in hopes that we would be able to get one, but back at our old place, we just couldn’t find room for it!  we even tried rearranging our furniture so that we could stick it somewhere, but it just wouldn’t work. 😦

and here’s another perk of moving to our new place… now we finally had room for an elliptical!

so we ordered one from amazon and it arrived this week!  jason spent some time on friday putting it together and now we have an elliptical to work out on.  but this also meant we needed to get some new running shoes.  we went to the new balance outlet and jason tried on many pairs of shoes.  i was so shocked that as a cross-country runner, jason didn’t know that new balance shoes came in several widths; narrow, normal, wide, and extra wide.  anyways, we discovered that he needed the extra-wide after trying out all the different widths… he has such wide, flat feet!

then jason shocked me again by running around the store to test out his shoes.  i thought he was being crazy, he thought that it was normal to do that, meaning that he used to do it all the time when he bought shoes.  so weird!  crazy husband.

i was normal and picked out some nike trainers that are kind of ugly in color but have really great support.  🙂


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