Assembling Elliptical

9 Aug

This is Jason posting.

So we purchased a Schwinn 430 elliptical.  We ordered it from amazon because of the free shipping.  We don’t have a car big enough to bring it home from the store.  And boy was I glad we had the free shipping.  Originally I thought I would have to open the box and bring the elliptical piece by piece into our place since amazon said their service would drop off the box at the curb.  I wasn’t about to carry a box that weighed 175 lb up the stairs into our place by myself.  Thankfully the delivery guy helped me out!  It was great!  We moved it up the stairs by rolling the box gently.  Lucky nothing important broke.  I opened the box later to assemble the whole thing.  They included all the tools you’ll need.  It was a pretty easy installation.  Nothing was tricky except perhaps putting screwing on the cotter pin.  The bolt wouldn’t go into the cotter pin because the hinge wasn’t lined up.  I realized the hinge didn’t line up because I had tighten the bolts at the other end too tight.  So I unscrewed the bolts a bit and the hinge lined up for my to slide in the bolt to the cotter pin.  The elliptical was taller than I realized and the footpad was smaller than I thought.  We had set aside space for it and it totally fit!  I worked out on it today and was able to watch some american iron chef.  Very nifty!  Now we just need to set up a regular workout schedule to keep ourselves healthy!

Remember how I wrote that nothing  important broke?  I did find a broken plastic piece when I unpacked the elliptical parts.  It was round and had plastic blades on the inside.  It looked like some sort of cap.  One of the plastic blades broke.  I was semi-worried at first but when I was done assembling the elliptical, the broken plastic part did not fit anywhere.  It wasn’t even in the manual.  O_o  Unknown plastic part packed into the wrong box?  Maybe it was some sort of break-proof insurance piece?  Who knows! All I know… made in China.


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