Cset Chem

12 Aug

This is Jason posting.

I have officially passed my cset chemistry exam!  Woot!  Another notch on my subject credential belt.  I wasn’t too worried about the test.  I think I was lulled into a peaceful state because I knew that I only needed to pass 60% of the test.  Plus all the other science interns who took the chem test said it wasn’t hard.  The only things that I big trouble with was the nuclear stuff.  I just don’t remember that stuff as well.  It’s probably because nuclear chemistry wasn’t repeatedly beat into my brain like general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry.  Ah, the wonders of college biology.  I just hope I am able to teach chemistry with as much passion as I have about biology.  It should be ok I think.  I’ll just stick to general chemistry cause that’s what I really know best.  Maybe in the future I might consider tackling advanced chemistry?  Shall I go for another science cset?  Physics?  Geo-science?  Hm.  Things to consider…


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