i hate change.

13 Aug

i hate it when things change. my gmail looks weird and it bugs me to no end.  the buttons are different and it actually takes some extra effort to click to things to delete or mark all as read or check unread, etc.  it annoys me.

and wordpress looks different too.  boo.  which makes me not want to blog, but i have to.

and i need more shampoo.  my shiseido is running low so i’ve been trying to use up my other shampoos before i have to finish the shiseido bottle.  i’m not sure if it’s really worth spending $10-12 a bottle for the stuff but my hair has been feeling so much healthier and softer.   it’s hard for me to spend hard earned money on skincare and haircare products because i’d rather buy lenses for my camera.  or shoes.

it’s friday!


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