16 Aug

i’ve never had tsukemen before, but i’ve been craving it for months because i’m weird and can crave things i’ve never had.  i blame it on all the tantalizing pictures of yumtastic japanese food at goramen, a blog that jason and i both subscribe to on google reader.

anyways.  i finally got to eat some tsukemen at the torrance mitsuwa summer festival yesterday!  and it was delicious, even though i’m sure it’s nothing compared to “real” tsukemen.

jason, of course, had okonomiyaki, his favorite.  we stood in line at least 30 minutes for it and he said it was totally worth the wait.  we also had some karaage chicken from the booth next to the one that sold okonomiyaki and yakisoba.  i KNEW he wanted the chicken because he would stare at it while we waited in line (my husband has a serious weakness for fried chicken) but each time i asked him if he wanted me to get some, he said “no i don’t want it!”  then as soon as he had the okonomiyaki in hand, he decided he was going to stand in line for the chicken.  can you say inefficient?

needless to say, i got sunburned yesterday but we had yummy japanese food.  no complaints! 🙂


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