so hot.

19 Aug

why is it so hot now??  i know it’s summer but it was nice and cool all of july!  august should be a happy happy month, because it’s my birthday month!

stupid weather.  stupid weather fluctuating crazily!!

grrrrrrrrr.  good thing we have A/C.  unfortunately it takes a lot longer to cool down our place now.  😦

oh!  so this weekend jason was on the phone with at&t because of some weird thing with their billing.  he was transferred around a few times and each time he had to explain the issue.  while he was talking to someone i asked him if everything was ok.  he pointed to the phone receiver and said “buhn!” (stupid, in chinese) and my mom was like, “oh no!  jason picked up our family’s bad habit!!”  because everyone in my family does that (call people stupid, idiots, etc etc), unfortunately.  aren’t we arrogant??



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