21 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Across from us lies a foreclosed condo.  Two days ago there was a constant beep that came from the empty place.  It sounded like when the smoke detector is signaling when the battery is low.  Wow, it was annoying.  Seriously.  So yesterday there was a bunch of people who went to the empty condo to fix things up.  They turned off the alarm.  I had called the mortgage agent who’s sign is on the window earlier that day.  Nice! They’ll get rid of the beep!  A hour or two after the fix crew left, the beep started up again!!!  Well, the beep sound is dulled because we’ve been sucking A/C due to the hot weather.  I placed another call and found out that the beep is from the condo’s security system.  Great.  The mortgage guy sent in someone else who turned off the beep for good.  Thank goodness! What a beep.  You know, I really dislike these smoke detectors.  I know we need to have one.  They’ll be good to detect smoke in the house.  But I really, really really HATE the sound that comes from the detectors.  UGHS!  Especially since the smoke detector we have in the living room is out of reach unless you have a 10 foot ladder.  Gr!


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