Prep Kitchen

22 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Today we celebrated the wifey’s birthday at Prep Kitchen for lunch!  It’s the Del Mar location.  We opted to sit out in the patio because it was nice and airy today.  The indoor seating was a bit stuffy because they weren’t running the A/C even though I confirmed that they had it.  We gathered and ordered some items from their brunch and sandwich selection.  The wifey had a heirloom tomato sandwich with bacon and avocado.  I had the beef hash.  Janet ordered the same.  Jared had the chilaquiles.  Stella had the french toast.  The BAT sandwich was very tasty but the bread Prep Kitchen used was very crusty.  A bit too crusty.  It hurt the wifey’s mouth and mine.  The house made potato chips that came along with the sandwich were too oily.  The beef hash was a surprise.  I thought the beef hash would be some corned beef with potato and onions.  Instead it was really, really yummy!  The beef was flavorful and super tender.  It tasted similar to the braised short ribs we made awhile back.  The beef was definitely braised with goodness that included some shiitake mushroom.  The potato chunks were tender and absorbed all the yummy sauce.  They included a piece of their crusty bread underneath the beef and sauce.  That was topped off with two poached eggs and some parsley for garnish.  The crusty bread soaked up the sauce and provided a good textural contrast.  yummy! Even the wifey thought it was delicious!  =D  Overall the food was pretty good.  It was a nice lunch/brunch.  Maybe we’ll be back one day to taste their dinner items!


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