Mafia War

25 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Most everyone knows what facebook is right?  On facebook, there are certain games you can play while you are logged in facebook.  One of them is Mafia Wars.  It’s resource based game.  You spend energy to complete jobs which rewards you with experience and money.  Energy is accumulated over time.  Experience allows you to level up which gives you stat points to use in attack, defense, energy, stamina and health.  According to the mafia theme, you can fight other people and you can rob other people’s property.  You can do as many jobs as long as you have enough energy.  You can fight or rob as long as you have stamina.  It’s an interesting game that you can spend a quick 10 minutes to do.  It’s mostly mindless clicking of the mouse.  The way the company which created the game generates money is by selling special reward coins which can be used to buy special items, energy refills or stamina refills etc.  They also give incentives for people who recruit their friends to play the game.  Apparently my wifey is addicted to it.  Well, maybe not addicted but she sure plays everyday.  She is on her way to level 400… yeah.


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