25 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Awhile ago we ran out of regular mayo.  We wanted to make some yummy artichoke dip that we learned from the wifey’s co-worker.  And we needed mayo for that!  So we decided to try out trader joe brand mayo.  TJ brand stuff is either hit or miss sometimes.  So we used the TJ mayo for the artichoke dip.  We noticed there was more oil than normal.  Plus it didn’t take as yummy as the last time we made it.  Oh well!  At least the mayo was cheaper than kraft or best food brand mayo.  We bought it, we use it!  We made some croissant sandwiches last week for dinner.  We used some TJ mayo spread, turkey slices, fried egg, havarti cheese and avocado slices!  It was yum!  Except… there was this weird fishy taste to the sandwich.  I mentioned it to the wife and then she tasted it in her sandwich.  Weird.  I thought it was because I didn’t wash one of the knives we used since we had salmon the day before.  Oh well.  It didn’t make us sick!  Today we made more croissant sandwiches for dinner.  We made the same thing.  Again, we had that fishy taste.  Weird!  We haven’t cooked any fish lately!  Where is it coming from?!  The wifey figured it out.  It was the mayo!  The TJ mayo tasted fishy!  EW!  Gross!  No more of that mayo!  From now on, we’ll stick to the kraft or best food brand mayo.  We’ll use the good stuff this time.  Yuck.  Fishy mayo?  No thanks.  Maybe we should just stick to kewpie mayo. =D


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