26 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Since I am lactose intolerant, we buy soy milk so I can eat cereal.  We also like drinking soy milk on the weekends and adding soy milk to coffee.  We usually buy this fresh soy milk that’s available on the weekends at ranch 99.  The fresh soy milk was made by a company called Lifesoy.  They also made fresh tofu and tofu pudding.  Yum!  We like the taste of Lifesoy and also the prices since it was only $2 compared to the other soy milk around $2.50.  However we haven’t been able to find Lifesoy soymilk at ranch 99 during the weekend.  We’ve tried going on Saturday and Sunday and no luck.  We also tried the other asian market down in Linda Vista.  No show!  Man!  Where did it go?!  We started to try some of the other brands.  None of them tasted the same as the fresh soy milk.  We miss it.  But I guess these new brands will do until we can find the Lifesoy again.  Just today the wifey found out why we haven’t seen Lifesoy products in the market.  The FDA closed down Lifesoy cause of sanitation issues!  This happened back in June of this year.  No wonder!  Apparently Lifesoy can come back when it has brought its company back up to standards.  Oh come back soon!  We miss your yummy fresh soy products!  None of these other soy milks taste as yummy!  Though my in-laws did just give us a soy milk making machine.  The button labels are in chinese.  I was given instructions on how to operate it… We bought some fried soy beans.  I’ll try it out soon.  Maybe it’ll taste as good as Lifesoy?  Maybe?


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