Yakitori Yakyudori Ramen

28 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Today we had ramen for dinner in Clairemont Mesa.  We heard there was a new ramen place called Yakitori Yakyudori. Well, new to us since we haven’t been there yet.  We sat at the bar and got to watch what the cooking people did behind the bar!  I got the miso ramen while the wifey got the shoyu ramen.  The prices are comparable to Mottainai.  There was a sign that said they offered grated garlic, spicy red sauce and mayo for those who wished to use them.  We asked for the grated garlic.  The waitress brought over a jar full of grated garlic.  Next our bowls arrived!  The soup for both was full of flavor.  There was good miso taste to mine.  The two ramen are basically the same in terms of toppings except that the miso came with corn while the shoyu had some greens.  We dug in!  The noodles reminded me of the ones we got at Mottainai.  They probably used the same company from LA.  The chashu was tender.  The wifey’s was a bit overcooked.  The bamboo had good crunch.  The grated garlic clashed with the miso but it was very good in the shoyu soup.  I won’t put the grated garlic in the miso ramen next time.  It was a satisfying bowl of ramen.  It wasn’t too light and wasn’t too heavy.  It felt just right for me.  The wifey was pushing a bit in order to finish but she wasn’t as hungry as I was when we ordered the food.  So I got to finish her soup.  Yum!  =D  I think it is safe to say we would be back to eat their ramen from time to time.  The wifey liked all the different Sapporo beer posters that decorated the walls.  There were also lots of coat hangers on the walls.  I’m happy to see all these yummy ramen places.  We have plans to eat at Ramen California in Torrance next week.  I’m looking forward to it!


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