29 Aug

This is Jason posting.

Today we made our own chashu!  We went out shopping the other day and bought the pork belly necessary for the yumminess.  We also bought some sake to braise that piece of pork to deliciousness.  We decided to put the whole thing in the pressure cooker to speed up time.  The pork belly came out delicious looking.  We chilled it before we sliced it to eat.  We ate the chashu with some home made ramen!  Well, not exactly homemade.  We just bought some ramen package from Marukai and made it by following the instructions.  We added some napa and corn.  It was yummy!  We also bought these japanese eggplant.  The wifey LOVES eggplant.  We broiled them and cut them up into pieces to dip into tempura sauce.  It was really good and simple.  We had a very lovely night of eating yummy chashu with ramen and broiled eggplant.  I love my wife.  She cooks super delicious food!  Whee!


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