our own domain!

3 Sep

i told jason the other day that i want to buy a web domain! i don’t know why but it seems like an exciting thing to do. 🙂

plus wordpress does it for super cheap, only $5 to log your domain name, and $10 to yearly to upkeep it.  i should probably learn a lot more about html before we do so, but i guess we could always pay someone to design the website for us.

and then we could have… a blog about ramen! since we tend to eat lots of ramen due to jason’s love love love. or i can blog about makeup, which i’m currently obsessed with. or post daily pictures of lando, who is my love love love.  which reminds me, i made a travel neck pillow but it didn’t turn out too good. i put it on lando and i think he likes it! very comfy for him when he takes naps.

except… no one would ever visit our website… lol.  oh well.


One Response to “our own domain!”

  1. Stella September 3, 2010 at 7:40 pm #

    first of all, i would visit everyday. second of all, i think it should be about all three!! ramen, makeup and lando. a fabulous idea! 🙂

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