4 Sep

jason and i finally visited the japanese fabric shop in downtown torrance.  (sadly, and i mentioned this to jason as we drove to momen+, that i’ve lived in torrance since i was 8 and never once had i gone to downtown torrance…)

anyways, momen+ was magical!  haha.

but seriously, japanese fabric is oh so adorable!  they had pretty flowery ones, more traditional prints, as well as ones with kawaii frogs/pigs/deer/bears/etc.  they were all so beautiful, i couldn’t get over it.  the store imports the fabric from japan so the fabric was pretty expensive, mostly around $17-19 a yard.  but!  they had a lot of pre-cut fat quarters, which i bought a few of.  i sew so infrequently (although i’ve done a lot of sewing since i got my craft room!) and when i do, i usually make random little things, like pouches and stuff.  so a fat quarter is plenty of fabric for my small projects, and they were only $2 each!  i got this pretty green one with cute pigs and one with teddy bear faces.  i’m not sure yet what i’m going to make with them, but i have been wanting to make another makeup bag, so one of these will go towards that.

they also had cute appliques, zippers, thread, etc.  overall it was a super fun visit and i can’t wait to go back!

i do want to try sewing a quilt sometime in the future, and i’ll definitely be utilizing the adorable fabrics at momen+ when that happens!  i’ll just have to convince jason to overlook the cost somehow… or just buy more fat quarters. 🙂


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