ramen california~

5 Sep

yes, another blog entry about ramen. 🙂

jason, philip, and i finally tried out ramen california in torrance crossroads.  it’s been there for a while and we’re read about it on several blogs, but we never went there.  i’m not sure why since it’s so close to my parents’ house… but during the mitsuwa summer festival last month, ramen california had their business card at the food booth where i had the tsukemen and so we decided to try it the next time we were in torrance!

my brother got the grilled chicken ramen, which mysteriously came with some salad greens as a topping.  my brother is all about simple flavors because he loves the taste of food by itself.  he said it was pretty good and he liked it, which is generally high praise coming from him.

jason had the tonkatsu ramen, even though he was very tempted by the tomato/basil/cheese ramen.  but he just didn’t feel adventurous enough.  maybe next time??  it came with some squid ink, which made for an interesting presentation.  also the menu description said that it came with bok choy, and it did.  just one leaf though, which made jason scratch his head.  anyways!  he devoured it so i assume it was pretty yummy.  (jason says “the soup had a silken feeling to it.”  he thought it was pretty complex in flavor.  idk, because i tried an itty bitty sip and then his ramen vanished.)

i had the tsukemen (again), which was exactly the same as the one at the food fair, except bigger in portion and no hanjuku egg.  it was just as good!  the dipping sauce is a dashi and tonkatsu-ish blend, which i really enjoy.  the noodles had a bit more chew but it went well with the sauce.  yum!  i’m still obsessed with tsukemen, but next time i’ll definitely try something else at ramen california. 🙂


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