my love affair with stila.

6 Sep

i’m a bit obsessed with makeup currently, especially after i watched those youtube videos of the taiwanese girls and their amazing makeup transformations.  my stash of makeup continues to grow, especially after i discovered that costco sometimes sells stila makeup!  i LOVE stila makeup.  i love their colors and the way their makeup feels.  i have stila eyeshadows, lip glosses, smudge pots, cheek/lip stains, mascara, makeup brushes (which is probably the one thing i’m NOT a fan of, give me urban decay brushes any day~!), convertible colors, palettes, etc.  i’m basically addicted and i look at their website all the time.  sad, isn’t it?

i’m also super intrigued by the kat von d palettes that are on sale at sephora currently for $24 each!  i swatched beethoven and true love the last time i was at sephora but they didn’t have memento mori, which looks the prettiest to me.


oh makeup, why are you so pretty and so expensive at the same time…


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