7 Sep

i’m blessed with virtually non-existent leg hair but i still need to shave/wax every once in a while.  it’s probably been a year since i last waxed and the so a couple weeks ago (i guess as an impulse buy??) i picked up a bottle of veet, figuring that it was convenient and easy to use and far less painful than waxing.

after putting it off day after day, i finally decided that it was now or never.

and omg, can you say YUCK??

first of all, it smells DISGUSTING.  not quite as bad as i thought it would be but seriously, gross.  i couldn’t breathe after a minute or so and needed to stick my head outside the bathroom to get some fresh air.  secondly, the directions suck.  how much do you put on?  i tried to put on a thin layer because i know it’s all chemically and bad for my skin.  i got the pump kind because it was the most cost effective but i had to spread it with my hand and it was just hard to get it all even.  lastly, after the recommended amount of time elapsed (5 minutes, i got the sensitive skin formula), i used the little crappy plastic thing provided with the veet to “shave” and after scrubbing it all off (which took some time), i still had little patches of hair left, probably due to my uneven spreading amounts.  grrr.  i guess this means i’ll be reapplying before my shower tomorrow.



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