Audio Books

10 Sep

This is Jason posting.

Usually we would pack several books to read during our vacations, especially on trips with a long flight.  This time when we went to the Cayman Islands we didn’t want to bring too many books because they take up a lot of room.  We decided to explore audio books in order to utilize our iphones.  It only takes up memory space and saves us room in our luggage!  We discovered we could borrow audio books from the library!  We could download the audio books digitally and port it over to the iphone.  It was great!  We also got all seven books of the Harry Potter series.  The audio books worked really well in the airplane since we didn’t need light and it wouldn’t cause us to have motion sickness.  We could also listen to the books while we did other stuff like play Sudoku or Angry Birds.  We also listened to the books while watching the sunset from the lounge chairs while on the beach.  Ah, that was the life. =D  It is also interesting to hear the reader do different voices, especially when they do a voice for the opposite sex.  It is also interesting to hear the correct pronunciation for words in the books!  Like the word “Knut”.  I always thought it was kn-ut.  Apparently it is pronounced k-nut.  Audio books for the win!


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