12 Sep

This is Jason posting.

We got back home finally after our vacation to Grand Cayman.  I had asked my brother to water our plants at home.  We are growing some red bell pepper plants that I grew from seeds of a red bell pepper, thai basil, rosemary, thyme and mint.  I had hoped that all of them would survive but I wasn’t too worried since they are all easily replaceable.  Plus the red bell pepper plants were grown free…ish. My brother had called earlier today to let me know that some of the red bell pepper plants look dried out.  Hm.  Perhaps he forgot to water some days?  Oh well!  We arrived home and surveyed the damage.  All the plants looked dried out.  We added water and I believe all of them should recover.  The red bell pepper plants looked really hardy.  We also noticed immediately that something was wrong with mint and basil plants.  They looked unhealthy and sad.  They had leaves which looked eaten by some insect.  We also noticed a bunch of black small pellets on the window sill in the kitchen that I assumed was dirt.  I was completely wrong.  The wifey was observing the basil plant when she suddenly gave a little grossed out gasp.  It was a cocoon!  We could see a green caterpillar inside the cocoon!  So that was what ate our plants!  EW!  I cut the leaf that held the cocoon and threw it outside.  Then I thought to inspect the plants closer to make sure there weren’t anymore caterpillars.  Perhaps there was only one?  It was a foolish wish as I discovered 5 more caterpillars of varying sizes.  2 on the basil plant, 1 on the mint and 1 on a red bell pepper plant.  There was also one in the sink.  It must have fallen from something.  They were green caterpillars with yellow spots on the sides.  I plucked them all with disposable chopsticks and threw them outside.  Ugh.  I hope birds eat them all tomorrow morning.  I hope I got them all out!  Our basil plant looks very sad with much of its leaves gone.  The mint leaves were almost all gone.  I hope it can recover.  Ew.  How did they even get onto our plants?!  Some moth must have gotten into our home during the week and laid eggs.  GROSS!  I really do not like insects.  YUCK!  I hope all our plants survive with some TLC in the coming days.  And no more green caterpillars!


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