13 Sep

there were chickens all over cayman island.  a rooster woke us (well me, since jason can sleep through anything) daily.  we also saw baby chicks!  but anyways.

the point of this post is that jason loves to eat chicken.  he loves it so much that i think he would eat it for every meal, every day if he wasn’t married to me.  in fact, before we got married, he DID eat chicken every day he wasn’t with me.  it’s pretty funny.

how does jason love chicken, let me count the ways…

1.  fried chicken.  kfc, popeyes, churches.

2.  rotisserie chicken.  $5 from costco.  whenever we go to costco jason goes and stares eagerly at the chickens on the rotisserie and begs for us to buy one.

3.  katsu chicken.  i guess technically this is fried chicken, but still.  obsessed.

4.  teriyaki chicken.

5.  any stir fry with chicken.

6.  my chicken kebabs.

7.  my garlic soy chicken that i haven’t made in forever.  i should probably make it for him soon.

8.  chicken sandwiches…. chick fil a.  to be honest, i introduced him to the chick fil a obsession but he also loves jack in the box spicy chicken sandwiches.

9.  karaage/sesame chicken.  also technically fried chicken.

10.  buffalo wings.


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