Cayman Islands

14 Sep

This is Jason posting.

So we had our vacation of the year recently.  We went to the Cayman Islands!  Well, to be more precise we went to Grand Cayman.  The Cayman islands is comprised of 3 islands with Grand Cayman being the biggest.  The other two islands are called Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.  Cayman Brac has the highest point in the country at a whopping 140 feet above the sea ( thanks wiki!).  Grand Cayman was super flat!  It is also pretty small.  The island is sort of shaped like a crab claw.  The island is 22 miles at its longest and 8 miles at its widest.  The island has no source of fresh water they are basically the flat tops of 3 big mountains under the sea.  We just drank the tap while we were there.  Cayman Islands is known for their spectacular diving and snorkeling!  Visibility in the water is super clear!  While we were there we could see 100 feet under the water.  It was amazing!  This is due to the fact that there aren’t any rivers that rush into the ocean which stirs up the sand.  I think the only downside to this beautiful place is the fact that food is super expensive there.  They import all their food basically since they don’t really grow anything there.  Still, the food we tasted there was flavorful and good.  It was sunny with some clouds while we were there.  It rained every once in awhile.  We had a great time there.  Look forward to our many posts about Cayman!


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