15 Sep

a year or so ago, i discovered that i can’t frown.  my muscles just don’t work that way.  i always THOUGHT i was frowning, but i was sadly misinformed.  this revelation came after jason and i saw a person with a super large U shaped frown.  we were like wow!  such a big frown!  and then jason made a similar face and i tried it too!  jason was like “um, that’s not a frown.”  i was like, “what are you talking about!  i’m totally frowning!”

it seems that the facial expression that i thought was me frowning was actually more like a smirk.  no wonder no one ever knows when i’m unhappy.  how sad.  hahaha.

anyways!!  i’ve been exercising those frowny muscles because i couldn’t believe i didn’t know how to frown!  every once in a while i’ll be like “jason i’m frowning!”  and he’ll say “um, no.”  darn it!  so i kept sticking my fingers at the edges of my lips and dragging them down and then tried to get them to stay that way.  yes, this is how i spend my free time.

today i accomplished it!  i was getting ready for my shower and i made a frowny face with my fingers and got it to stay that way for like 10 seconds, while trying to call jason to come take a look.  but he took too long and the frown went away.  oh well.

am i just being ridiculous or is it important to know how to frown?


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