Face Time

21 Sep

This is Jason posting.

One of the super neat features on the iphone 4 is the face time chat!  You can video chat on the iphone 4 as long as both parties has the iphone 4!  It’s really neat!  They have these face time commercials on tv that are really neat and heartwarming.  It utilizes the camera on the iphone and its internet ability.  You will need a web connection in order to use face time.  No using it on the 3G network.  The wifey and I have used face time within the house!  That’s because we see each other all the time anyway. =D  Still it is really neat to see the wifey’s face while chatting with her on the iphone in a different room of our place.  We are looking forward to using the face time feature while she is on her business trip next week.  It’ll be super great!  I’ll get to see her beautiful face while she is out of town!  Whee!  Oh, I must make sure she gets yummy picture of yummy foods where she is going! Heh! I get to live vicariously through her!


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