22 Sep

This is Jason posting.

So we have switched cell phone service provider since we got the iphones.  We are now on AT&T.  Hm… I no likie?  We ordered our phones and the lines from their website.  I got the order in with our numbers to be transferred.  So far so good.  Then we waited with eagerness for our new phones!  So excited!  They arrived a few days later to our surprise.  We thought we would have to wait a week!  Oh well! No complaints!  I opened up the package.  I took out the iphones and I noticed that the number on one of them was not the number I requested.  WTF?  Why do I have this 858 number?  Hm, I called their customer service and found out they gave me a temporary number.  What?  Apparently, this happens.  I just need to activate it and then call to transfer the number that I wanted.  <shrugs>  Ok, sure.  What else can I do?  So I did it.  I got the number transferred.  That was the end of that 858 number.

Or so I thought!  It appeared again on our first bill.  And boy did our first bill look extremely weird.  It only had that 858 number on there.  It did not show my cell number nor the wifey’s.  WTF?  And they are charging me money for that number?  And they are charging me for the period before I activated the iphones?  What the heck?!  I called.  I got transferred around.  I finally for someone who did something and explained what the heck was going on.  I got some charges reserved.  And that was the end of this.

Or so I thought again!!!  Our second bill came.  I thought it would be normal.  It should be alright since they sorted everything out the last time I called.  Dumb AT&T.  Stupid temporary number.  I checked my second bill.  $151?! WTF?!?!? It should be 89.99 plus tax! ARGHS!!!!!!  I called again.  Man, I am mad.  I talked to them and I got to only talk with this 1 customer service guy.  He was quite nice actually.  Extremely helpful.  We talked.  I didn’t yell but I had my mean tone on.  The tone that said, “What is your dumba$$ company doing?! WTF?!”  The activation fee was reversed.  It came from that stupid temporary 858 number.  I got them to terminate that 858 number because it was showing on the second bill and had charges.  Then they tried to charge me early termination fees for that.  F that.  Long wait.  Oh, line canceled and no termination charges.  AT&T also tried to make me pay twice for service between 8/12 to 9/9.  Totally F that.  But the guy worked some magic and got those reversed.  All because of that stupid-BS-I-did-not-ask-for temporary F-ing 858 number.  Great job AT&T.  Great job hiring that customer service guy.  Please promote him.

My opinion of AT&T?  Super low.  Customer service?  Super low.  Well, maybe just a little higher today.  If only the iphone was somewhere else…


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