hokkaido food fair

23 Sep

mitsuwa often has special food fairs on weekends and jason and i love to go!  we often plan our trips to torrance to visit my parents around these food fairs so we can go and look at everything. 🙂

this past weekend was the hokkaido food fair!  there were several booths at the torrance mitsuwa selling all sorts of things, like curry pan (yum!), different seafood croquettes, cream puffs, dorayaki, and ice cream made from some sort of fancy hokkaido milk.  there was also a booth selling special ramen (of course)!  ramen shingen, a ramen-ya from sapporo, hokkaido served kokumiso ramen (miso/tonkatsu).  we waited a SUPER long time for the ramen.  after you order the ramen they give you a number ticket to claim your bowl.  we were #22/23, but they were only calling 60 something…

but!  we didn’t mind.  we wandered around and looked at all the other stuff.  and when they finally called our number,  we were pleasantly surprised!  the ramen was pretty yummy!  i liked the thicker ramen noodles that had a really nice chew, and jason liked the broth so much that he drank all of his and also all of mine. 🙂

we also bought some other snacks to eat later on, some croquettes, dorayaki, and curry pan.  then we went to get a cream puff but we accidentally stood in the wrong line!  turns out what we thought was the cream puff line was actually the hokkaido ice cream line.  so we decided to just get the ice cream instead, since we had been waiting already.  omg, the ice cream was sooo good!  very very creamy and silky and it was just so delicious.  i’ve never had ice cream like that before.

i love mitsuwa! 🙂


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