Home Goods Store

24 Sep

This is Jason posting.

The wifey and I like to go wandering around the Home Goods Store every now and then.  Well, the wifey more than me.  She loves these stores where there are a bunch of different things for her to look at.  The Home Goods Store is sort of like a Marshalls except without the clothing.  They carry furniture, bath stuff, cooking ware, glassware, plateware, garden accessories and office accessories.  It’s a great place with lots of interesting things!  They always have new inventory whenever we go.  The last time we went, we looked at comfy chairs and towels.  We are thinking of getting a nice reading chair for the bedroom.  I went looking around and noticed something different in the cooking section.  To my surprise, it was a convection wood burning pizza oven!  WOW!  It totally looked rad!  There’s the place to burn wood.  They have three sections for cooking pizza.  Plus there’s a separate bin for keeping the wood!  Heh!  It was super neat!  Definitely something I can’t afford but it was fun to look at!  It costs something like $2500.  Yeah, neat stuff!


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