trading foods.

26 Sep

whenever jason and i go out to eat, we decide on two entrees that we both want to eat so we can have a little bit of each.  it’s fun to share!  i never traded lunch when i was in elementary school but I wished i could have! i rarely had normal proper lunches (sandwich, apple, chips, juicebox) and instead had random assortments of food (fried rice, burritos, leftovers, etc). hopefully when we have kids, we’ll pack them exciting, nutritious lunches!!

but i’m off topic.

we’re babysitting bella and her dog food is slightly different from lando’s. my parents feed her a blend of natural balance (original formula) and science diet, while we feed lando just natural balance (chicken/sweet potato formula). the last few days we’ve noticed that bella hasn’t been finishing her food, which is really peculiar.  she’s been leaving most of the science diet, and we found lando eating them!!  then we discovered that lando drops some of his food in front of bella so she can share his natural balance!  so we started just putting bella’s bowl away after she was done eating.  but bella was moving pieces of science diet food to the dog bed and lando would sit there and eat them!!  sneaky dogs trading food!!  i wonder who is the mastermind…??


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