Heat Wave

27 Sep

This is Jason posting.

It’s the end of September and the sun decided to come out full blast.  I reached over 100 degrees today! O_O  I can’t believe it’s that hot in San Diego!  CRAZY!  I thought I left behind such high temperatures when I same down to San Diego for college.  Guess I was wrong!  Either that or the weather followed me. O_o  I immediately noticed how hot it was when I took the dogs out before lunch time.  The heat descended on me like a curtain when I stepped from the shadows into the light.  It was a heat that you can feel as it settles all around you.  I could feel myself drying out as I stayed in the sunlight.  It was that hot today.  Thank goodness it is suppose to cool down the rest of the week.  Wow.  I haven’t felt that kind of heat in a long time.  What made it so hot today was the fact that there was little wind and it was low humidity.  Very dry and hot.  I used to think San Diego was sort of semi-tropical weather.  Now I know better.  It’s a desert!  I’ve been tricked!  Maybe I should have applied for college in Hawaii. =D Ah, but then I wouldn’t have met my wifey.  That makes it all worth it!


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