28 Sep

This is Jason posting.

The wifey has gone on her business trip to Kansas City.  I am alone with just the doggies Lando and Bella to keep me company.  I think the moment I left her at the airport I started to miss her.  The dogs were ready to go pick her up at 5pm since they are so used to it now.  They are quite confused as to where the wifey has gone.  The dogs seem a bit sad as they keep lying down and looking at the door from the living room and the bedroom.  I think they keep thinking we haven’t picked up the wifey yet.  They must think I keep forgetting!  Ah well.  It’s only for a few days.  At least we’ll have face time and phone talks!  That’s definitely something to look forward to!  I love you wifey!  Come home soon and safely!


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