dear hubbyson,

29 Sep

hello!  i miss you too.  it is sad to travel without you, and very boring when i am all alone with nothing to do after work meetings.  it is especially sad to eat meals by myself because i have no travel buddies this time. 😦  today i sat in the hotel bar after work and had a beer and ordered food to take back to my room.  i couldn’t finish it all and had to throw my sweet potato fries away.  you would have liked them.  love, your traveling wifey.

i had the worst flight delays ever yesterday.  my flight from sd airport was delayed from 12:40 to 2:00pm.  i missed my connecting flight from dfw to mci because of this.  i stood in line for like, 30 minutes waiting to rebook.  the next flight out departed at 9:40.  rawr.  i wandered around the airport dragging all my stuff with me and ate a roast beef sandwich by myself.  then when we finally got on the plane, we were delayed again because the plane needed a jump start.  (pause for multiple wtfs here) and i got to the hotel at midnight.  i checked in and showered.  my room had no hair dryer, so i had to stay up and wait for my hair to dry.  and my neighbor was noisy, so i didn’t fall asleep until like, 2am or so.  i changed rooms today so hopefully no more noisiness (what a weird looking word)!

stella and janet are at the sara b concert and i am so jealous.  i could have gone too but instead i am in kansas city where i will listen to her new cd and try to sleep soon since it’s already 10pm here.


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