30 Sep

This is Jason posting.

During the heat wave we noticed something kind of disturbing.  We noticed these insects around the couch in the living room.  We each killed several and later realized that we killed the same bugs.  They had red heads and black bodies.  They had 4 wings of the same length.  They didn’t really fly but crawled around the sofa.  It was really strange!  We didn’t think much of it except that it was strange to see 4 of them.  Oh well!  Bed time!  To our disgust, more appeared the next day.  It was still around the couch area.  We killed them as we saw them and noticed more of them.  Ew.  We also noticed discarded wings around the sofa.  Ew.  So I took to investigating the next day and noticed that they were coming from our living room window.  It was the window that doesn’t open.  WTF?  Ah, the wifey saw a crack at the bottom of the window.  That must be where the insects were coming from!  She taped it up with masking tape.  I later reinforced it to try to get a complete seal.  The next day arrived and more of the insects came.  But there were less of them this time.  So I hunted down all of them.  I moved the couch around.  I removed all the cushions and looked under the frame.  I examined the masking tape and saw bugs shooting out of a gap in the masking tape. ARGHS!  Then I proceeded to seal up the bottom of the window with duct tape.  There! That should do it! No possible cracks for the bugs to get through!  It was Tuesday.  NO!!! I saw several bugs.  Not a lot but there were still some!  I watched the window and noticed they were falling down.  Stupid window!  It must be from the top!  So I eradicated all the bugs that I saw and proceeded to tape up the top.  Wednesday came and none came in. Muahaha!  Jason wins!  That or they gave up since the weather started to turn.  As to why the insects were able to come through that living room window… I observed two openings each on the bottom and top part of the window frame.  I think those are air holes?  That or the window was installed backwards.  That explains the cracks.  Where did the bugs come from?  I noticed a house being fumigated while driving the wifey to work.  Hm.  That should be it.  GR.  I hate bugs.  Ok, more like I get grossed out by insects.  Yuck!  YUCK!


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