delayed again.

2 Oct

i flew back from kansas city on friday afternoon.  my flight was scheduled for 4:50, so my boss dropped me off at the airport around 3:40.  kansas city airport is pretty small.  not the smallest i’ve ever been to but still pretty rinky dink.  the security checkpoint is like, 5 steps from the gate.  i had a long layover in front of me (2 hours) at dfw so i didn’t buy food or anything before i headed to the gate.

after the plane arrived and people got off, they made an announcement saying that boarding would be delayed for a few minutes so the mechanic could inspect something.  then it turned to a 20-30 minute delay because the mechanic needed to speak to another mechanic in tulsa as to whether or not the problem would compromise the structrual integrity of the plane.  turns out, there was a hole in the floor of the plane and it needed to be patched up before the plane could depart.  at this point they didn’t know how long it would take the mechanic to locate parts and fix the hole.

i called american airlines to see if there was a later flight from dfw to san diego in case i missed my connection.  the next flight was at 10:40 and they put me on it just in case i missed the first connection.  we finally started boarding at 6:30 or so and we landed at dfw at 7:51.  at this point i was thinking huh, i think i’ll make my connection since my other flight departed at 8:25.  of course, it took forever to taxi, but i was already committed.  i was going to MAKE MY CONNECTION if it killed me.  i ran through the airport in my not made for running shoes to the skylink (dfw’s tram system) and i had JUST MISSED the tram.  it was 8:05. the next tram came at 8:07.  i had to go from terminal A to terminal D.  i got off the tram at 8:18 and RAN.  i was possibly going to make it!!  at this point i was starving to death and needed to pee REALLY badly.  but making the flight was more important.  i could pee on the plane, one of my big no-nos but there was nothing i could do about it.

seriously though, i was so lucky.  the flight to san diego had just started boarding when i got to the gate at 8:21.  i was able to use the bathroom but there were no fast food places near the gate.  oh well.  no food for me, but at least i didn’t miss my connection!

stupid aa.  unfortunately we HAVE to fly aa for work unless they don’t support the route.  it’s not a big deal for me since i just rack up my frequent flier miles with them, but all these crazy connections suck. 😦


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