Lamb Shank with Rosemary Sauce

3 Oct

This is Jason posting.

Today we couldn’t decide on what to eat for dinner.  So we resorted to our usual.  Time to visit Costco!  That usually gives us an idea or two.  Plus we could eat samples!  Heh.  We walked around and sampled many things.  Then it was time to decide on what to eat for dinner.  We settled on something we had tried once before.  It was lamb shank with rosemary sauce.  The package contains two lamb shanks.  It is decently priced at $6.99/lb.  It’s fully cooked so all you need to do is reheat it either in the microwave or in the oven.  We bought it and also bought some fresh french beans to go along with the lamb.  I cooked up basmati rice over the stovetop and popped the lamb shanks into the toaster oven.  Last time we had this I kept it in the plastic tray.  The directions said the plastic tray was safe in the oven.  Unfortunately I do not think the plastic tray can withstand the toaster oven.  It melted a bit on the side last time.  So this time I put the lamb shank and sauce into a metal pan covered with aluminum foil.  We steamed the french beans then sauteed it with some butter, salt and pepper.  Yummy french beans!  The lamb shanks came out a lot better than we remembered.  We were going to only eat half the lamb shank but we ended up eating it all.  Yup, it was that yummy.  It’s tender and the sauce is tasty.  Usually these package meals are too salty but this wasn’t like that due to the basmati rice.  Overall, it was a nice dinner to have on a sunday night.  =D  Thanks Costco!


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