coq au vin

5 Oct

last week i found a recipe for coq au riesling, a white wine variant of coq au vin typical of the alsace region of france.  coq au vin is one of those recipes that i’ve always bookmarked but never attempted, although i’m not sure why.  i guess the idea of spending all that time braising chicken is just not that appealing.

but when i saw the recipe for coq au riesling, i knew we had to try it!  jason and i LOVE rieslings and we always seem to have at least a couple bottles sitting around.  we dredged our chicken in flour and browned it.  we used up our mostly drunk bottle of sofia coppola riesling that i confess, i bought only because the bottle was pretty and made up the recipe’s difference with a german riesling we had bought on sale at cost plus world market.  add some crumbled applewood smoked bacon, onions and crimini mushrooms, fresh thyme and rosemary cut from our potted plants, and braise for an hour in the oven at 350.  we finished the sauce with creme fraiche and parsley.  i burned my fingers when i reached to lift the lid because i forgot that the dutch oven had been in the oven.  so fail of me. 😦

but it smelled so good!  and the sauce was yummy!  too bad the chicken was a bit bland.  but that’s just how chicken is.


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