Iron Man 2

6 Oct

This is Jason posting.

We finally got to watch Iron Man 2!  I went to blockbuster and they had a copy that was just dropped off! Lucky!  We popped it in to watch with some In and Out for dinner.  Yum!  Neither of us knew what the plot was so we paid close attention.  Overall the movie was fun to watch.  It was definitely one of those summer action movies.  But it felt kind of random and there wasn’t a solid direction.  It felt like a middle movie to a trilogy for me.  Well, it is the middle of a trilogy.  I love all the technology that was shown in the movie.  How cool would it be to own a tech lab like the one Stark had?  With your own personal JARVIS?  =D I would have fun scanning everything including lando!  Hahah.  It definitely beats that touch screen they showed in Minority Report.  They showed Black Widow who was Agent Romanoff.  They also did that short little clip at the end of movie which gave preview to what will come next.  They showed a hammer in a crater.  It’s hammer time! Just kidding.  They are going to produce a movie about Thor next.  Anyway, back to the movie.  Yeah.  It felt like a random plot but it was still fun to watch.


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