chop chop!

7 Oct

while jason and i were at costco the other day we saw that there was a sale on double-thick pork chops.  we stood for a few moments in front of the display, trying to decide whether or not to buy any because i’ve never cooked pork chops before (except for breaded, which i don’t like) and we didn’t have anything in mind for the preparation.  jason and i implemented this way of grocery shopping where we won’t buy anything unless we have a specific dish/meal in mind for it.  we try to plan out our meals and what we need before we head to the grocery store.  we’ve found that this keeps us from buying too much and either having to throw something away or having a crammed full pantry/fridge.  we do try to keep stock of necessities, such as chicken broth and pasta, ground beef/pork, green beans, potatoes, etc but we only buy meat when we have decided on what to make and when.

after doing some number crunching to make sure we were really actually getting a deal (it was $3 off a package, not a discount on the lbs… which meant digging through the display for smaller weights), we decided to go for it and grabbed a package with 8 pretty chops, as we could freeze half of them in packages of 2 for easy serving sizes.  when we got home i started googling pork chop recipes to see if i could get inspired.  unfortunately, i didn’t see anything that piqued my interest (why is it that 9 out of 10 pork chop preparations are either breaded or sweet??) and momentarily i wondered if maybe we shouldn’t have gotten them.

it wasn’t before long that i realized that the way to go was to just default to my chinese roots and make an asian marinade.  we soaked it in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, green onions, and sake for a few hours.  we decided to first pan sear to get the pretty browning and then finish it in the oven to bring it to the right internal temperature.  before we pan seared it though, i mixed a bit of brown sugar, salt, pepper, 5 spice, and corn starch and rubbed it on top to get a nice fragrant crust.  it turned out all sorts of yum!  very tender and juicy.  jason and i were both pleasantly surprised at how delicious our meal turned out to be.

we’ll definitely be moving pork chops into our rotation after this! 🙂


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