growing old.

8 Oct

today i was telling jason that i can’t imagine getting any older.  i can’t even imagine being more tired, more worn down, aching and sore and etc.  i was joking how i’ll probably be mad at myself for moving so slowly because it’s inefficient, and i would probably force myself along at an insane pace like those crazy asian ladies you always see at the grocery store.  jason was like “but i’ll be slow too!” and i told him “no!  i’ll push you along!”

jason will one day regret being married to me, the efficiency monitor.  🙂

i think i need to start taking care of my skin better.  i’m in my late twenties and i’m pretty much doomed with my non-asian skin type that i inherited from my dad.  i need to start anti-aging rituals!!  i’ll have to do some research and see which products i should try/invest in to keep my skin from wrinkling like a shar pei.



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