Mottainai again

10 Oct

This is Jason posting.

We hit up Mottainai this weekend with Philip and mommy.  We made sure to bring our chopsticks in order to get our free toppings!  This time I ordered the tonkotsu ramen while the wifey got the shoyu ramen.  The ramen was delicious just like the last time with one change.  The pieces of chashu were really thin but they still tasted excellent.  The thinness brought a new taste to it.  The chashu soaked up more of the broth and kept the focus on the ramen bowl.  It reminded me of those paper thin bacon slices you get at Denny’s.  Definitely didn’t taste like that though!  The hanjuku egg was perfect like last time.  Yummy delicious memna.  Unfortunately they have not started to make their own noodles.  Still, the ramen was consistent and delicious.  Yum!

Bonus:  We saw the Go Ramen blogger while we were at Mottainai!  The wifey recognized the guy.  It was so cool!  I didn’t go say hi because I was shy but I support you in the shadows!  I love reading your posts and the ramen pictures make me hungry!  Continue to chase your dream ramen man! =D Yes, that was super exciting!



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