Pepper fruit!

11 Oct

This is Jason posting.

This morning I examined the plants that we keep.  I checked to see if any need water.  I checked for general health and to see if there were pests that I needed to destroy.  I looked from the bottom on to the top of the big pot full of red bell pepper plants.  Low and behold I saw something at the top!  It was a bell pepper!  It actually grew a bell pepper!!! WOW!  It’s really small still.  It’s about the length of the middle digit on my pinky but it’s there!  Hopefully it’ll grow bigger and bigger and then I will harvest it!  Then we can claim to have grown and eaten our very own bell pepper!!!  Haha, I’m excited about that.  I had read that the plant needed certain temperatures in order to grow the fruit (a bell pepper is considered a fruit!).  I thought it was too cold recently for it but thank the weirdly warmish hot october weather!  I showed the wifey and she took a few pictures of it.  When we upload the pictures I’ll add it to the post.  Bell pepper fruit! Whee!


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