cleaned of bella!

12 Oct

bella is gone!  we dropped her off at my parents’ over the weekend.  my mom has missed her very much!

but it’s much less lively without her running around demanding love and attention.

jason has cleaned the house of her black fur which gets EVERYWHERE.  she seems to shed unendingly!  our bedskirt, couch, blankets, clothes were covered with her fur.  jason had to do a couple loads of laundry and swiffer the floors, vacuum, etc to get rid of it all!  but we’re back to our normally scheduled lives.  we took lando’s toys out of hiding so he could play with them again (bella also is a destroyer of toys) and he got to do so today!  i think he’s much happier being the only dog in the house.  all your attention are belong to lando!

my mom let me have one of her tatung rice steamers so today i made steamed pork with egg for the first time in like, 4 years!  jason has been requesting this dish for soo long but i don’t know how to make it without a steamer!  i have always made it in the rice cooker but our little zojirushi rice cooker can’t be used for that purpose.  i thought it turned out pretty good considering i didn’t remember exactly how to make it. 🙂

but now i can make other steamed foods.  maybe i can try making some dim sum stuff!


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