yogurt covered pretzels.

13 Oct

yogurt covered pretzels are YUM.  they’re so good!  jason and i buy them at sprouts, scooping them from the big barrels.  i highly recommend them!  but they’re also super addictive (for me), and once i start eating one i usually end up eating like, ten.  we finished our stash a few weeks ago and i was craving them so bad that they were showing up in my dreams.

yes, i dream of yogurt covered pretzels.  and other things, like jason being mean to me.

things are super crazy at work lately because of a system conversion gone wrong and i know that my brain is about to explode/implode because that’s when i start craving the sugary snacks, like krispy kreme donuts and brownies and chocolate chip cookies… and now, apparently yogurt pretzels.  i’ve also been breaking out, which is another sign of stress for me, although when i mentioned this to some of my co-workers they were like “i’m breaking out too!!” so i’m glad to know i’m not the only one. 🙂

poor casey though, has worked for like 3 weeks straight (including weekends) and she’s been living off soda and chocolate.  so bad for her!!  the other morning at work she immed me and told me she forgot to put mascara on one of her eyes… i can’t even imagine how tired she was to forget that.  but she gave me some chocolate covered gummy bears (also from sprouts) and they’re so good that i went and bought some today while renewing my stash of yogurt covered pretzels. 🙂

i’m pretty sure this qualifies as the most random blog post ever.

my brain is tired.


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