Dream Jason

14 Oct

This is Jason posting.

So the wifey has some interesting dreams every now and then.  I am always in there somewhere.  Usually the me in the wifey’s dreams is good and sounds like me.  Then again, there are the dreams where an alternate Jason appears.  It’s sort like a combination of all my faults and bad traits.  It’s a bad and mean Jason.  These dreams usually make the wifey confused and upset at me.  At me, in real life.  Yes, she understands that she just dreamed about me.  It wasn’t real, it was only a dream.  Yet she is still upset.  I blame the dream Jason.  It’s all his fault!  It really is!  Channel your anger to him!  Don’t divert your negative emotions to me in real life please!  It makes it hard to figure out what is wrong when she doesn’t tell me about these dreams yet is upset at me.  Though everything gets better after she realizes it only happened in her dream.  =D  I love my wife.  She’s great. =D Dream happy dreams ok?  Evil Jason doesn’t exist!


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