My Husband is an Alien!

15 Oct

This is Jason posting.

So today while watching tv, the wifey discovered that my knee cap can move!  She could move it side to side.  She was totally astonished!  She was like, “OMG! My husband is an alien!”  Apparently she never knew the knee cap can move a little bit when the whole leg is relaxed.  I discovered this tiny fact when I was young.  I noticed that when I was sitting on the floor with my legs out, I could move my knee caps around.  I’d move them from side to side and move them in a little circle.  It’s weirdly fun and interesting.  The wifey finds it disturbing yet fascinating.  It was so funny.  =D  We also discovered that I have a lot of skin compared to her.  I could pinch up lots of skin at my knees compared to the wifey.   But other than that, I can assure you I am completely human! =D


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